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Well, after six day of non-schooling-activity, I started to school with fresh condition. (H)

In the morning I was afraid with what thing that I’ll face today. I afraid if the Head Master of Smansa, Mr. Darta, will angry with me. You know, I’ve stop schooling for many days without any certain information.

Especially i was a third grade student, I must study hard to face the final exam. So they (the teacher, headmaster, etc.) will make the students study harder than life.

But, however, i must start the new day. I promissed to my self that i must study hard from now on, no more time for browsing (except from mobile phone), no more lazy times, no more bad attitude, just smile, smile, smile, and learn, learn, learn, and then die, die, die… and then…  Sleep over the night.

no more words to say, have to finish watashi no sakubun (tugas ku)….

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