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Howdy friends… 😉

It’s been so long since our last met. 🙁

Nowadays Im so busy with my new life.. No more “life internet” in my hand.. :-O

Since June 4 2009, I’m studying at BPC (Bali paradise Citra Dewata) – Balindo Paradiso.

It is a cruise ship school. All the people who want to work at cruise will study here. Not a famous school, but it will guarantee us to have a job in tourism industry. (H)

But, the lecture schedule not allowing me to have a lot of leisure time. That’s why I cannot sit in front of my laptop anymore for a long days.

Im so BUsy
Im so BUsy

New SE G502

Hi, by the way, few days ago, June 7 2009, I’ve bought SE G502 that i dreamed for many months..

It’s most important feature is the HSDPA (3.5G) connection… Because we (L) LOVE (L) internet..!!!

hahahaha…. now i can inspect my blogs from any intruders trough my mobile.. (H)

As usually, I’ve modify the A200 system of this new mobile by adding new acoustic sound driver from SE – W Series, new cam driver from SE -  K Series, new flash theme, and other.. thanks to Mas Hardi for the tutorials.

Picture of my new life

I’ve gathered some pics for you to see.. It was captured by the brand new G502, the 2MP camera has a good quality if the cam driver has been updated. Take a look..

Darsana learn something in front of the boardinghouse
Darsana learn something in front of the boardinghouse
inside the new classroom with new friends
inside the new classroom with new friends
my new friends in the blue class
my new friends in the "blue" class

Please click no the image to see the larger version..

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13 thoughts on “Not Now! I’m Busy!!!

  1. @ardi: darsana emang rajin kalo urusan belajar, laen ama andi.. Hehe..
    @rio: mobile as the substitute of my laptop
    @balisugar: thanx bro..
    @infopemula: akan dipertimbangkan.. 🙂

  2. Wah hampir barengan ma aku belinya, aku beli tanggal 6 kemarin. Isi kemasannya memang kurang lengkap sih, tp lumayan juga dgn harganya. G502 memang mantap.

  3. ahaha.. semangat bro.. (Y)

    tukeran link nyok..

    Nama : Magz of Latuminggi
    URL :
    Deskripsi : Blog sederhana dari Aprillio Latuminggi yang membahas tentang komputer, internet, dan jurnal lainnya.

    link ente dah ane pasang di sini:

    salam kenal, 😀
    .-= GROU.PS – Latuminggi´s last blog ..GROU.PS : Connects Obsessively! =-.

    ya mas, nanti tak tambahin link-nya kalo dah kewarnet.. 😀

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