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Yesterday I bought my Nokia N70 because my friend suggestion. (&)

Not really like this symbian phone. It is not fast as Java based phone like (almost all of) Sony Ericsson phones.

But, however I need a mobile phone as soon as possible. You don’t need to know why!!!

So I decide to buy this slow-responding mobile phone.

The first day I was confused to use it. Need few hours to adapt with it. I start to install new themes and wallpapers into it. And also the most important thing, the favorite mp3s.

You know, I am an internet-holic person. I can’t live without internet. So, like facing another mobile phone, I started to activate the GPRS and 3G network. The setting that transferred trough OTA delivered to my mobile, and I install it. I started the web browser, and….. nothing shown on the screen….. sh*t…

With my last experience, I know what cause the problem. It is because I used XL sim card. There’s a lot of GPRS-disabled XL card sold out there. And few of them can be activated, so poor….

Then I started my motorcycle engine and went to mobile counter near Jagadnatha. I bought new IM3 card. IM3’s GPRS can be activated easily and it’s only charge Rp.1 per KB. It’s cheaper than XL.

But it is only a temporary number, I will buy the new one tonight together with my girl, we want a similar number for us.

Btw, in the morning, i went to Gobleg to see my girl. I brought her 2 pieces of Kebaya. I’ve take some shot of tamblingan lake. It is so beatifull. I’ll post it later.

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