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Yesterday, i have no work to do. So, i continued my programming hobby by creating a new script.

Have no idea bout what script i must create. Then suddenly I think about SEO. Yes, how about a script that can store many links??

Then i created a script that can store many links from many site. Anyone can register their links in this script.

No more words to say, just visit my links directory, you can register your links there.

Script details:

Name : Link List V.1

Type : Links Submition

Database : mySQL

Script size :  143kb (compressed).

Script status : Cool and FREE….

Or you may want to download this script, you can download it by clicking the url below.

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3 thoughts on “Link List Script

  1. damn, the script currently not working in my hosting…
    But in localhost it working. :-S

    I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe i will create another domain for this script.. (I)

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