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huhhhh... bingung....
huhhhh... bingung....

Right now I’m so confused with what i have done..
I have pass the final exam, but so do with my relationship with my GF.. we’ve broke up (U)

Now everything has changed.

D*mn.. sh*t.. arrggghhhhhhhhhhh……

Sorry.. i don’t mind to blow up my mind here..

I’m so mad right now..

when all of my XII grade friend were happy to past the final exam, I have to be mad..


Because I must break my relationship with my GF after I finish the exam..

We can’t do a long distance relationship. After I finished my school here at Singaraja, I will continue it at Denpasar.

And for another reasons, we were fighting for few days b’coz a simple problem.. and what’s even worse, that we don’t even remember why we’re fighting.. So both of us are mad for nothing..

After 9 months of this weird relationship, we must finish it today with peace..

Its just like me whenever Ive broke my own heartWe’re tired for tears,

tired of lie,

tired for laugh that sound like a cry..  ;-(

I’m so over being blue,

knowing that I’ve lost my boo,

and for that i don’t even have the clue

I don’t know where to find a love like this,

a love that full of peace,

a love that not just a breeze

Now everything seems new

no more picture of you

the love that hardly i drew

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7 thoughts on “Im Confused

  1. +pake backsound ya? rocket rockerz – ingin hilang ingatan+

    let it go. . just walk away and dont look back. .

    neh ada beberapa lagu bwt di nyanyiin kalo ada waktu. .

    1. Aku hnya bs terdiam mliHat kau prgi dr sisi q dr smping q
    tinggalkan aq seakan smuanya yg pnah trjd ta lg kau rasa
    msh adakah tTg aq d htimu yg kau rasakan,cobA kau rasakan,,
    mudahkah bgmu untk hpuskan smua kenangan brSma dgn q
    ta pRnah sdkt pun aq byangkan
    btapa hbAtnya cnta yg kau tnamkan
    hngGa wkt branjak bngkit kau mampu hncurkan ht q

    ada yg hlang dri pRasaAn q,,
    yg trlanjur sudah q brikan pdamu
    trnyta aku ta brarti tnpamu
    brharap kau ttp dsni
    brharap dan berharap lagi.

    2. Can u see the times grows older she blew my dreams away
    It’s all done, and now its over
    I don’t know how to say to you

    u waste my tears now, no more torment
    But don’t just say u’ve gone away
    u tell a fuckin’ tale
    (Swallow me and spit me out)
    How do I get trought of this?
    (I can’t stand it anymore)
    Can, u, see, me
    Smiling when I sing this song
    Right, now
    I just want to be alive
    u know I was dying when you told me
    (That I’m not yours anymore)
    u know I was dying when you told me
    (ur just playing and fooling around with me)
    When the time she comes and wakes me
    (She comes and wakes me)
    n when she bit my lips and kissed me there
    n when she holds my hand and lives my life tonight
    (Live tonight)
    When she said that she really loves me
    Were the worst fucking days

    nah kalo lu mau ngikutin cara gw yg dulu, lu blajar programming, trus bkin malware yg bwa pesan lu k setiap pc yg ke-infect. tp gw ga nyaranin lu make cra it. cz it udah basi. saran gw sih rajin2 aj konsultasi ama dewa cinta.

    slamet berpusing ria bro. .

    1. thank you..
      I will update my site now, because since last week I’ve never been updated this blog….
      And a little maintenance will help me to make the blog better…

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