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Today i woke up at 11AM. Actually 6.30 AM, my girl woke me up before go to school. I don’t know why she still come to my house even I’ve hurt her the day before. Maybe she loved me so. 😉


But even she woke me up, i won’t school. Because I must keep my money for eat.

Now, I dont have anything to do. My laptop borrowed by Conny, my friend.

So, i decide to go to Telkom for maintenance my site.

And I found that my site expirity date is on 15 April 2009. It is about 1,5 month from today. Oh sh*t.. What I must to do..?


I can’t buy a domain name for now day. I dont have enough money to buy it. And i have to go to Denpasar to buy it, because I don’t have any bank account anymore since my last account on BCA expired because theres no such activity for months.

Should I register at WordPress? or Blogger? Or just buy new domain for me?

But if I buy some new domain, I will never can pay for the bill because i will work outside Indonesia (work aboard). Maybe i just register at wordpress instead, or blogger that don’t have any expirity date for subdomain.

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