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Otak Bali is Balinese Brain in English. (not a kind of famous coral in the ocean)

You can find out how the Balinese people think about their life. So you can learn to act like Balinese does.

The Balinese, very famous of their friendliness, their passion, their smile, and also their peace.

Peace? why peace???

Okay then, we’ll find it out…


Shanti mean peace.. And a good Balinese will say that word for at least 9 times a day every time they finish their pray.


You can see all the Balinese has their own original smile that came from their deepest heart.. how can it makes you don’t feel so peace?


They’re the most passionate people on the earth.. I’m proud to be one of them..


Indonesian, especially Balinese, are the most optimistic living thing… Why? Honestly, I don’t know… They believe that everything will be okay. Even after they got a big disaster, twice deadly bombing in their tourism object.. but what? they didn’t do any revenge, no hate, and no anger shown on their face..

What a big lucky if you can visit Bali, or re-visit it again for sure…

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