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;-)  still excited from last two days because of my graduation…. 😀

But, there is one thing stuck in my mind..

Its is about my blogging hobby..

As you may know, almost all of my content was written in English.

I should write in English because I must practice my English for my preparation to go abroad.

Beside that, I should write in English to meet the Google Adsense’s TOS (Terms of Services). Many people knows that if we want to make a lot of money from GA (Google Adsense), we should write our content by our self in English.

If the majority of my blog content is in Indonesian, the advertisement won’t show up. That’s why I should keep write my content in English.

But some of my friends doesn’t have enough skill to read and understand what I’m writing about.

That is a hard decision to choose which language is better. :-$

The options are English and Indonesian. What a difficult choice. :-O

very hard to choose which language is better
very hard to choose which language is better

But I’m very lucky, there is a web service that can help me to solve this problem.

Google Translate allow me to put a badge on my web page. So my visitors can translate my page into another language. Especially Indonesian. 😀

So, from now on, visitors and you can read my post in Indonesian or English, even in another language.

People should only choose one of many language provided in the drop down.

This is the screen shot :

Translate to another language by choosing your language here
Translate to another language by choosing your language here

You can find the badge in every page. Just look at the bottom of the page, and you’ll find it. Or may be next time I’ll put the badge on the side bar.

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9 thoughts on “Facing Difficult Decisions – Translator

  1. @heryan tony: wah, sayangnya udah ngga da $ yang nyisa…
    @akmal: kan udah ada google translate di halaman ini…
    @edward: hehe.. It’s just for adsense click trough improvement..

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