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One thing you will need when making simple web pages of your own, also known as “mini-sites”, and for other very simple tasks, is a web page editor.

While you can do it in Microsoft Word, Wordpad and other text editors, many folks choose to start out by download the free program called Kompozer, formerly known as NVU. This type of html editor is known as WYSIWYG ( or What You See Is What You Get).

It saves a whole lot of work and study in your biginning stages of learning html coding. You need to learn this before you move on to the more often used coding called xhtml. Don’t worry, it will make alot more sense as you gain knowledge and experience.

The Graphical User Interface of Kompozer makes it very easy to use, but it is a powerful program. There are tutorials on how to use it online as well.

One way you will use Kompozer in a very simple fashion is to change the name on sales pages so that YOUR name appears on them. You can do other simple tasks like changing the price, adding a “form” from your autoresponder so you capture folks information such as their name and email, and more. These are all basic functions that are simple to do, and you should make sure you learn to do them as we progress.

So go download what could be the best freebie ever, Kompozer, and have a blast!

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