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Wow…  there are a lot of freak award out there.. :-O

And a friend of mine (WahyuOI) give me that kind of award few days ago, and I call it “Bad Habit Award”.

Like the award’s name, the rule is to describe our 10 bad habbit to the reader…

So, what are we waiting for?? Lets start…

  1. I’m so lazy
  2. Don’t have any spirit to learn at the campus
  3. Never wash my clothes by my self
  4. Not well groom
  5. Never fell a sleep before 10 pm.
  6. Never polish my shoes
  7. if I fell a sleep, i never wanna wake up before i got 10 hours of sleep time
  8. online every time and everywhere..
  9. I waste my time for bullsh*t
  10. cannot ride any of motorbike under 60km/hour, even at GitGit

And, like another award’s rules, i should give this award to my friends. So i would like to give the award to the persons below:

octaviano’s blog

Dinda Watson


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