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I’ve received my adsense pin yesterday. My Father call me from home that the postcard from google arrived.

How excited….


So I went home to pick the post card, SKKB (Surat Keterangan Kelakuan Baik), and some money for school registration.

Two days ago my father ask me for my ID card (KTP). Because he need it to make a SKKB for me. Balindo Paradiso require a SKKB for registration, it will ensure that I’m not a criminal or a recidivist , or have had a criminal action before.

But i don’t have much time to go to Denpasar at this 2 weeks. I have to join the school final exam and practice for several lesson.

too confused to do anything…

By the way, I was sick from 2 weeks ago. Since I went to Denpasasar with Darsana. I get cough. And even I’ve drunk some medicine, it still annoying me.

Any suggestion for me to get the cough lost?

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