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All of the scientist all over the world, all of the parents in every house, all of the kids spread in the entire earth, and of course every single person with straight mind, they know that one day consist of 24 hours. 🙂

In the mean time, scientist and many doctors said that an healthy and qualified sleep time is 8 hours a day for person with normal daily activity.

Is that true? :-S
Of course.. 16 hours of daily activity, and 8 hours of good sleep. We spend 8 hours for work or study at school or campus. And the rest used for study at home, part time job, or with beloved family.

So, what about the 14 hours of sleep time? Who did it?

Of course I did!!! No one else do such stupid thing like this.. Wasting time at the bedroom.

Nothing to do today. I got no lecture today because the instructor has test us yesterday, so we got day off today..

After 14 of sleep hours, i woke up at 16.30, ate several pieces of bread with strawberry jam, 2 little glass of plain water, and non-fresh air from the fan (i got no window in my room, only one little ventilation).

Then, after feel not starving anymore, its time to do some exercises.

I went to the gym, Master Fitness center, Jalan Teuku Umar Barat-Denpasar.

As i thought, i got no power. Just few pieces of bread, it wont give me some power to lift the weight.

So, andi in the gym for only 45 minutes. Usually 2 hours a day.

I got to refill my power with some healthy foods, maybe a bowl of minestrone with two pieces of poached eggs will give me some vitamins and protein.

Perhaps tomorow it will never happened anymore. I wont waste my time for a silly thing like this.
Oh, hey, my parents will come to my boarding house tomorow, i miss them very much. I didn’t go home for three weeks. The campus has made me like a busy man. In fact, i hate to be busy.

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