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101 comments May 8th, 2009

Mau download film bokep 3gp gratis??? Bokep dari artis Jepang, China dan Korea?? Atau BF dari eropa yang erotis dan seksi-seksi…

sexy hot dan panas yang gratis

Kenapa harus blue film yang hot kalau bisa dapat bokep yang yang lebih panas dan menggiurkan???? Continue reading…

Graduated – Sexy 3GP – mailer

8 comments June 15th, 2009

;-) (H) :-) (*) :-D (Y) :-P :-$  HOrrAy……


Now im graduated from Smansa Singaraja…

Do you know how exciting it is???

Like flying in heaven… (H)

graduated from high school (smansa singaraja) in 2009

graduated from high school (smansa singaraja) in 2009

By the way, actually I would like to tell you about something since last time I wrote about “pornographic” content here.

My site trafic have been increased since I wrote about “tempat download bokep mp4 & 3gp gratis.

Mostly people came from search engine to this page because they search these keywords in Google :
Bokep, 3gp, download, mp4, gratis, sexy, porno, hape, gratis, etc.

I don’t know why people still love to search that porn keywords on net.

If people (+18) want to see pornographic content, they should go to some village, and they can see some “Nona Bela” (Italian), or “beautiful grandma” in english… hahahahaha :-D

New Mailer System

Yesterday, I’ve made a simple script for “mass mailing list“.

The script will send an email to all the email address registered in the database.

This simple script I made to notify all the people I’ve known and all emaill address that have ever leave their comment in my blog.

So if there is any update on my blog, I will notify them with only one single click.

If you interested with this script, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll give you free.